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For Educators

Marchi Mini Grant Applications Due 10/10/23

Established in 2013, the Marchi Mini Grant program is named in memory of Lisa Marchi, a former educator in Mapleton Public Schools. Lisa loved supporting both teachers and students. 

  1. Follow the Donors Choose Projects Process to post a funding request for an innovative project or activity that serves an educational purpose for a student group or classroom, is student-centered, standards-based, attends to the needs of individual student learners, and has high value above and beyond the typical curriculum.
  2. Active Donors Choose projects are reviewed and scored according to the Marchi Mini-Grant rubric by the Teaching and Learning department staff on October 10, 2023. You submit an online application on or before October 10, 2023 if your project is not compatible with the Donor Choose platform.
  3. Members of the Mapleton Education Foundation Board of Directors select projects for Mapleton Education Foundation Marchi Innovation funding and notify winners by the end of October.

The Marchi Mini Grant program provides funding for teachers to implement innovative, standards-based, hands-on learning opportunities in their classrooms. Though applicants may also receive support from the Donors Choose site, Mapleton Education Foundation awards are up-to $1,500 for an individual instructor or up-to $3,000 for a team application.