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Marchi Grant Application

This application is ONLY for Marchi Innovation Grants projects that are not compatible with the Donors Choose platform.  Applications submitted here that are eligible for posting on Donors Choose will not be considered for funding. 

This application is a single-post form that cannot be saved or revised. WE RECOMMEND WRITING AND PROOFREADING YOUR ANSWERS THEN PASTE THEM INTO YOUR APPLICATION. Please scroll through the entire application before you begin to ensure you have all required information ready to enter.

Active Donors Choose projects and eligible applications submitted via this application are reviewed and scored according to the Marchi Mini-Grant rubric by the Teaching and Learning department staff on October 10, 2023. 

This is an innovative project or activity that serves an educational purpose for a student group or classroom, is student-centered, standards-based, attends to the needs of individual student learners, and has high value above and beyond the typical curriculum.
Please verify this project is NOT compatible with Donors Choose. Projects submitted here that are eligible for funding on Donors Choose will not be considered.
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Each Marchi Innovation Grant submission is scored on how effectively it meets the following requirements:

1.    Describe the need for the project and include student data to support the need.

2.    Describe the proposed project/activities and provide a brief project implementation timeline.

3.    Describe how the proposed project aligns with grade level/content area standards.   

4.    Describe the learning goals for all participating students.

5.    Describe how the project is innovative and addresses the needs of individual learners.

6.    Describe how the impact of the project will be evaluated (assessments used, etc.).

7.    Well-developed budget includes items that are appropriate to the project.

Up-to $1,500 for individual teachers and $3,000 for multi-teacher teams.
Please include vendor information.