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Scholar Appreciation

Thank you for believing in us students and letting us achieve our dreams. If it wasn’t for the donors, it would be impossible for us to go to college. 

Thank you!

-Nicholas G.

Thank you for helping me further pursue my education.  As a first-generation student any contribution to my success means the world to me. I couldn’t thank you enough.

-Jashinna L.

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate you awarding me the Adams County Education Consortium Scholarship. 

Not only will this scholarship provide some financial relief, it also gives me encouragement to continue working hard and striving for excellence in my academic pursuits.

Thank you for believing in me and my potential.  Thank you for supporting my educational journey.

-Samuel C.

I’m so grateful for your support for me to continue my education. I am truly honored to have been selected as a recipient of your scholarship. I will be making the most out of this opportunity and make sure I can make an impact in my community through this investment.

Thank you!

Denise A.

I am writing to express my gratitude for the scholarship I have received from the Mapleton Education Foundation. This scholarship is not only a blessing, but also a boost or encouragement for me to pursue my academic and career goals.

The support from the Foundation and its donors has significantly relieved the financial burden of pursuing higher education in college. It allows me to focus more on my studies and less on the stress of funding my education.

I am currently planning on studying Cybersecurity at Colorado University of Denver, and this scholarship has brought me a step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a google employee. I am deeply committed to making the most of this opportunity and giving back to the community in meaningful ways, just as you all done for me.

Once again, thank you for your kindness. Your investment in my future is deeply appreciated, and I am committed to making you proud through my hard work and dedication.


Kacey C.

I can’t express the gratitude I have for getting this opportunity. This scholarship is life changing because it has given me the chance to succeed. Thank you! I am extremely grateful!

Once again, Thank you!

Porscha M.


I am Braulio, one of the recipients of the MEF Scholarship.  Me and my family could not be grateful enough for this scholarship.  This scholarship will be able to pay for some of the classes at Metropolitan State University and relieve some of the stress associated with the college transition. This transition has been very stressful for me and my family as being first-generation high school graduates it was very difficult to know what should be my next steps. My mother only had a middle school education and my father only elementary school education. Being the first born I was tasked with learning and overcoming the challenges associated with graduating not only from high school but college. So thank you MEF for the scholarship as this helps close the gap of insecurity and worry, so I can pursue my dream to become a nurse and help my community in the future.


Braulio U. and Family 

I greatly appreciate everyone at MEF and 1st Interstate Bank. Growing up, I always dreamed of going to college, but I was always anxious of paying for it. Thanks to all of you.  My dreams are more possible than ever before.

Thank you for your support!

Victor G.

Thank you for the opportunity! I can continue discerning my path after high school thanks to you!  Thank you, Frank S. for sponsoring me!

Misael L.

As a recipient of your Westerra Legacy Scholarship, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly, there are not enough words to describe how thankful I am. Receiving this scholarship has been such a blessing and so impactful for not only me but my family as well. I am truly honored to have received this scholarship.

My financial situation was the main obstacle in my college journey. Now, I can thankfully say that your belief in my potential and investment in my education has propelled me forward.  Thank you so much for seeing my potential. I am beyond grateful for your kindness and generosity.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, X a million times. 

 Aliza B.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to acquire this scholarship. This money will certainly help me get through college, allowing me to focus more into school than money. I plan on pursuing a career in computer science and I’m proud to continue my career in science.

Thank you,

Harrison J.

I am honored to be awarded the Ratkovich Memorial Scholarship. I want to say thank you so much!  With this scholarship I’m able to use it towards my bright future ahead. Thank you for your support!


Madison Y.

I’d like to extend my thanks and gratitude for selecting me as a scholarship recipient. I appreciate you supporting the pursuit of my dreams. 


Gael G.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am extremely grateful for you giving me this chance.

I will work extremely hard and make sure to put this help to good use. This will help with paying for my meal plan or part of my tuition. Thank you again!!

Yessenia H.

Thank you for honoring me with the privilege of being a MEF rising star scholar. I am beyond honored and grateful. You have no idea how much this has changed my future education.

Thank you,

Kyra D.

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for being selected as a recipient of The Frank Family Energy ad the Environment Scholarship. I am honored and deeply appreciative of your generosity and support.

I am determined to honor your investment in my education by excelling in my studies and contributing positively to my community and society. 


Cuauhtemoc C.