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The future depends on all of us. Together, we can go farther than any of us could go alone. 

With your generosity, the Mapleton Education Foundation has demonstrated that by combining rigorous academics and personal development with student-focused staff and small educational environments, students thrive. We offer financial support and a variety of grants to students and teachers alike to help them explore, experience and elevate their lives to full potential.

Be a part of a brighter future. 
Supporting the Foundation not only enhances the education students experience, but allows your company and brand to directly connect to thousands of families, students, and teachers. Sponsoring allows your company to be socially responsible through community engagement and supporting philanthropic values.

Make An Economic Impact Today.
The impact of giving to the Mapleton Education Foundation goes beyond our schools. It is exciting, empowering and rewarding for funders, too.

We recognize your support with various marketing avenues and opportunities to engagement. For more details on these opportunities, please send us an email at