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20th Annual Mapleton Gala

Gala 2024

Supporting District Priority Programs

Every year, the Foundation provides support to a high-impact, district-wide program. Past initiatives include literacy, science, Strider Bikes, and Ga-Ga Pits.  Through the generosity of this community, the gala will raise funds to support educational experiences and opportunities for all Mapleton students in and beyond the classroom.  



Highlights from Gala 2023...

Thank you to all who joined us for the 19th Annual MEF Gala that took place on Friday, October 6th, at the Westin in Westminster to honor our incredible students, educators, and community members who have impacted the lives of many. Funds raised will support the purchase of GaGa Pits for our schools that serve middle school aged students, as well as our other MEF Programs.